chiro-7g-11-slider-2Just because after a month or two of spinal decompression therapy, many of us feel we can just go back into our stress-filled lives and let our spines take care of themselves. When we think about it, we know that is not true. We need to continue our program of spinal health. Stress is unavoidable in today’s world, but there are things we can do, even after our official program is over and successful, to minimize the damage to to ourselves that this stress creates. We need to continue to wear our orthotics, eat our green vegetables and take our daily supplements. I know and you know, supplements are not inexpensive, so I have been able to negotiate with the supplement providers to help us with the prices. This discounted store is the result. My staff and I hope it will aid you in continuing your program of spinal health far into the future. Thank you for your patronage, ~

Now is also a good time to remember to schedule a check-up. After completing a program such as ours, check-ups can help head off trouble before it gets it’s Godzilla-like claws into us. I suggest a check-up at the clinic on at least a quarterly basis. (Some of us will need to come by more often.) While you are here for the check up, we can run you through a quick routine on a decompression machine and laser you to help reduce that inflammation. (if you are suffering from arthritis, be sure to let us know, we have found that the laser is very helpful for reducing the pain and inflammation that often comes with arthritis, Too!)


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