What are Symptoms

Symptoms serve as a signal and have a purpose in our body.

For example, when the oil in your car reaches a dangerously low level the oil light lights up brightly on your dashboard to warn you before major damage is done to your engine.  The oil light is a signal (symptom) that you have a problem in the engine of your car.

Now what would happen if you placed a piece of tape over the light, hoping it will go away and forget about where the real problem is?  Your engine will shut down eventually and your car will go nowhere.  Rather expensive in time and money when it gets to this point when all that was needed was proper care to the car over time, right?

So in our body’s inner wisdom, a signal (symptom) is sent out as pain (i.e. headaches, back pain), ear infections, high blood pressure, and breathing problems such as asthma to name just a few.

In our culture we are taught to “put the tape over the light” or cover up the symptom with some type of medication.  While these medications (prescribed or over the counter) may bring results by eliminating the symptom, it does not get to where the cause is of these signals (symptoms).

These symptoms are a result of decreased function leading to damaged tissue which takes place over time.  This is due to the subluxation process.  Chiropractic will look for the cause of why your body is experiencing these symptoms.  Rather than letting your body have a catastrophe like the engine of a car without oil, your cause will be discovered and a process of healing, better adaptation and growth will occur.

In the previous oil light example, you can see how symptoms tell us there is a problem.  Let’s look at how a fever serves a purpose.  In our culture, a fever is something we are taught to suppress or get rid of, not realizing it is nature’s way of assisting our body to get well.  The fever helps slow and kill the thing in your body that is making you feel ill.

As you can see, there is a purpose to a fever.  And yes, there are extreme levels where a fever can be dangerous, but those cases are very, very rare.  Fevers are usually a wonderful healing mechanism in our body.  If the fever is suppressed, the “thing” that is challenging us has more opportunity to grow and wreak havoc in our body. Coughing, sneezing and vomiting all have a purpose that aid us in many ways.

Symptoms are your friend.  They signal you about negative processes in your body that need to be addressed in order for you to address your health.  The internal wisdom of your body magnificently coordinates these processes within you.  Chiropractic works to allow your body to function optimally so you can heal, adapt, and grow to reach a full expression of life.


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