Key 4 – Metabolic Balance with Proper Digestion and Elimination

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The 7 Keys to Spinal Healing can literally change your life.

With a metabolic balance regimen, you can not only see, but also feel the results.

This well studied program is the basis for increases in the body’s proper use of fats and sugars. Metabolic balance gently stimulates the endocrine system to specifically improve the body’s use of sugar and fat in energy production. A natural metabolic balance plan provides you with the guidance to restore and maintain optimal health.

The concept of metabolic balance has been studied for many years

on athletes whose bodies endure extreme and harsh conditions. This is when we have to look to a healthy natural medicine regimen and understand how it can help us restore our natural metabolic balance. Metabolic balance can also be a natural way to lose weight in a healthy and efficient way.

Metabolic imbalance influences the fine balance

between blood sugar and insulin levels and is the origin for many illnesses including type II diabetes and hypothyroidism. In order to find and keep the proper weight and health, a metabolic balance program links your individual metabolic system with food that fits with the biochemical structure of your body.

Metabolic balance is also the best weight loss  program

because it offers safe, fast, long-lasting results and identifies and   utilizes the perfect foods for your body. Obviously, overall metabolic balance in the human body is much more complex than following a single protocol for all people. But it is the maintenance of balance that appears to be the most important consideration for improving or maintaining health and well-being. These functions include a healthy weight, normal temperature, and hormonal and metabolic balance.

The digestive tract is a large portion of our body’s immune system.

Keeping that well functioning should be a part of any health program, not just one for spinal healing. Because spine problems are many times dealt with by traditional methods of opiod painkillers, the health of the digestive tract can take a large toll. Most of the same foods discussed in Key 3 are also beneficial here. Fibers like those found in fruits and vegetables are a large aid to a digestive tract, even if it has already been compromised by medications.

The hydration of the body, in particular the spine

is another important consideration. Many spinal decompression specialists are taught that the decompression process also hydrates the spinal disc. While it is true that the process increases the fluid levels in the spine, it takes longer than the decompression lasts in order for the disc to have an opportunity to absorb enough fluid to make it flexible. If the disc is not hydrated, decompression, in itself will not hydrate the disc enough to make the process have the optimum result.

Some vegetables that aid in the hydration process naturally

are green beans and broccoli. Drinking enough water and fruit juices throughout the day not only helps hydrate the body and spinal disc, but also aids the digestion tract in the elimination of waste. Again, this hydration is even more essential if organ ‘drying’ medications have been prescribed, such as any opiod pain killer among others.


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