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Are you in pain? Have you tried everything to alleviate your pain without success? Are you contemplating surgery? Tried injections? Had surgery and are still in pain? In many cases, the operations are necessary for proper health and recovery from an injury. However, we have seen hundreds of patients who received operations they did not need and are still in ridiculous pain. Our Newlife™ Healing System is both high-tech and non-force, and most important, proven to be a safe and effective alternative to surgery. You will see we have the best therapeutic modality for advanced pain relief and expedited healing times! Our Newlife Laser delivers soothing, deep, penetrating, photonic energy to bring about profound physiological changes. The inflammation is reduced, pain gates are blocked and the damaged tissues begin the physiological process of repair 3-5 times faster than normal. This all occurs as the essential healing factors are brought in and the non-essential wastes are removed, with increased circulation at the site of injury. These therapeutic enhancements of the cellular chemistry are triggered by our Newlife Laser, making it a truly profound healing modality and experience…guaranteed!

Surgeon has PERSONAL Experience!

Dr. Robert Morrow, a well-known, trusted orthopedic surgeon, who had completed over 15,000 surgeries, said “I was suffering from shoulder pain for 6 months straight with no relief. I heard about laser treatment and after seeing and hearing many of my patient’s stories, I did more research on the topic and found that the doctors and staff now using these Newlife Lasers finally have a tool to help people who think that surgery is their only option. I went to get treated and was amazed that it took away all of my pain. After 6 months of misery, I was relieved and I am now Pain Free! I know that orthopedic surgeons don’t always fully understand the available alternatives to surgery and, as a result, many patients are sent through long, painful and costly procedures. There are many of you who have been through the process of using prescription medications and injections … with little or no relief. Physicians who recommend drugs are limited by their options, for treatment, so they continue to prescribe medications. I have found that this Newlife™ Healing System is very effective at treating patients that have not responded to other procedures, even those who have already tried surgery. I concluded, to give patients the best possible care, there needs to be referrals provided to chronic pain patients so they can receive these unique therapies.”

ADVANCED TOOLS for diagnosing and providing best pain relief — BAR NONE!

Patients cannot get a more complete exam for this treatment than that provided at Newlife Laser Clinics. We are tooled with advanced diagnostic and care protocols, for the use of spinal decompression and deep tissue laser technologies that are the most advanced painrelieving options in the market. We are tooled to provide you care that is breaking through the barriers of traditional medical and chiropractic. Don’t undergo painful, costly surgery or recovery … we know that it usually can be avoided!

Are PILLS & INJECTIONS long-term solutions for pain relief? — NO WAY!

Until now, people have masked their pain by frequently taking prescription pain pills or by getting cortisone or epidural steroid injections. This type of relief masks the cause, is temporary, and more often can lead to even more pain or worse yet — addiction to drugs! So many people innocently fall into abusing prescription pain pills while initially using them to alleviate real, constant pain. Did you know that prescription medications kill more people every year than do illegal drugs? Nobody is immune to prescription drug abuse, even radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh. His prescription drug abuse to a medication called oxycontin almost destroyed his career and ended his life. The medication was prescribed by a doctor for pain relief!

Insisting on the FDA-Cleared Laser for FAST and SOOTHING RELIEF!

The Newlife Laser® is an innovative, scientifically based, therapeutic modality. This new technology offers advanced pain relief and highly-expedited healing times through a process known as photobiostimulation. The FDA-Cleared Newlife Laser® delivers deep-penetrating, photonic energy to increase circulation, stimulate an increased level of tissue healing, and create decreased levels of pain and inflammation. These changes in cellular chemistry are triggered by our use of the Newlife LaserTreatment®, making it a truly profound healing modality. It does not require the use of drugs or surgery, and there are no known side effects or risks that may occur, with other forms of treatment. During the treatment, the patient feels a deep-soothing warmth and pleasant sensation that reassures the patient that the laser is activating and speeding up the healing process, for true lasting relief!


At Newlife Laser Clinics we have advanced machines for Spinal Decompression. Our Newlife™ Healing System includes Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression machines that produce gentle separation of the vertebrae and decompression of the inter-vertebral discs. Decompression relies upon the repeated unloading of spinal stress by distracting the spine. This therapy produces negative pressure within the disc to allow a disc injury to heal naturally by replenishing the fluid in the “cushion-like” disc. Patients are treated fully clothed and are fitted with a harness that fits around their body or head, as they lie on a comfortable table and are gently decompressed. The doctor adjusts the table and the harness and uses a computerized console, where a customized treatment protocol is entered into the computer and takes about 20 minutes. The average treatment protocol is approximately 10 to 25 treatments within a 5 to 10 week period of time, depending on the

Dr. Richard Carpenos, DC
Doctor of Chiropractic

Our goal is to provide the most excellent healthcare possible in the most awesome facility available with the most caring, helpful, friendly staff ever assembled. Our purpose is to help people get well and stay that way without drugs, surgery or hassle, while making really good friends along the way.

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  • Failed Back-Surgery Syndromes
  • Herniated, Bulging or “Slipped” Disc Syndromes
  • Disc Degeneration and Spinal Stenosis, DJD/DDD
  • Neuropathies, Weakness, Pain, Tingling, Numbing Extremities
  • Acutely Injured or Chronic Persistent Joint Pains
  • Whiplashed Neck, Migraine and other Headaches
  • Chronic Shoulder, Elbow, Hip or Knee Pains
  • Carpal Tunnel Pains and Syndromes

BREAKING the standard care MOLD

At Newlife Laser Clinics our referral networks are using tools that break the mold in diagnostic care, with Physiological and Functional Rehabilitation Protocols, and various manipulation techniques. We have practiced natural and new methods for many years. Our new treatments are based on methods designed from doctors of chiropractic who have treated thousands of patients, discovered secrets, treated the worst conditions and rescued patients from recommended surgeries. These doctors have always spared no expense for, using distinctly cutting-edge and uniquely-effective technologies and, profoundly altering the way, truth and light for chronic pain relief.


Adele, Age 52 “For many years, I have suffered from lower back pain and pain radiating down both of my legs to my feet from an accident. Every time I exercised or moved just the wrong way I’d have pain that would last for a long time. I couldn’t even roll out of bed without extreme pain. After the third visit all of my pain was gone. It was my own little miracle. I was very impressed by the care but also by the fact that the doctors were knowledgeable and very personable. The staff was friendly and helpful and I would recommend their treatment to everyone with neck or back pain.”
Jack, Age 37 “I was working as a Police officer in April when I was injured on the job, lost the strength in my left arm and hand and had a lot of pain in my neck and midback. I saw many Doctors for 6 months with no resolution to my problem, whether Physical Therapy, Steroids, Pain Medication, or Nerve Block. The Surgeon wanted to do a 3 level fusion on my neck as the last treatment option. I saw the ad in the paper and decided I didn’t have anything to lose and to give it a try, but it was my last chance before getting surgery. After my second visit I had regained all of my strength in my left arm and hand and had minimal pain in my neck. My life has drastically improved.”
Duane, Age 77 “I woke up one evening with severe pain going down my right leg and went to a Doctor who couldn’t tell me what was wrong. He told me to go home, take a hot bath and in a week if it didn’t go away to come back. I had an MRI showing a bulging disc in the lower spine, with arthritis and gout. A family member told me about the Deep-Tissue Laser Treatment®, and after the first session the pain lessened significantly. At the end of the visit I could move around great. By the 5th or 6th visit I had no more pain in my leg and lower back. I am extremely satisfied, my legs are stronger, and I am standing up straight. This has been a fantastic thing and it all happened in 4 to 5 weeks. If I could tell you anything it would be to not take pain killers or have surgery until you have done this incredible Deep-Tissue Laser Treatment®.”

Still want GUARANTEE of Relief?

We are so confident that you will find relief at our Newlife Laser Clinic, that if you don’t feel and see improvement after the second visit, it’s free. No strings attached. We are confident that our protocols will be able to relieve or rid ongoing pains or other limitations. Give our friendly staff a call for an appointment.

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